Previs is the Coolest Sh** Ever. Change My Mind.

Previs is the Coolest Sh** Ever. Change My Mind.

Previs is the coolest shit ever. Okay, if you don’t know what Previs is (UG KEEP UP), it’s a stage called previsualization where previs artists or layout artists plan out what a film is going to look like.

But it’s not storyboarding, no no. It’s like if storyboarding was on steroids (minus all the roid-rage) but then ALSO did a lot of cocaine. It’s an animated, 3D version of the movie with all the proper scale, timing, camera angles, and VFX included.

But hold on (you would say if we were having a face-to-face conversation). Isn’t that just a movie?

YES, YES IT’S BASICALLY THE MOVIE. THEY EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT CAMERA ANGLES. By planning out a movie in previs, directors can make decisions in a digital sphere, which saves a lotttt of time and money.

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I won’t bend your ear about this, because that’s a super weird phrase and I would never physically twist a part of your ear, so watch this awesome Insider video on how Marvel is making the most of previs. If you still don’t think it’s the coolest part of filmmaking, just leave a comment! Because I plan on fighting you 🙂

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