Okay. After seeing how Denis Villeneuve produced DUNE (2021), I can confidently say I would trust him with my life. I’m aware that would be completely impractical, especially if my life is in any sort of peril. But if I’m going to go out, I want to go with stunning set design, a goose-bump-raising score, Zendaya’s piercing gaze, mind-blowing VFX, plus wildly effective costume/makeup.

Really, DUNE is unlike any other sci-fi flick out there. At no moment did Villeneuve take the easy or obvious path AND YET the movie’s exposition and world-building didn’t leave the audience confused. Which, if you’ve read the book, you’d know there’s A LOT of dense topics to cover to gain an understanding of this world. There is clearly a lot of love and dedication to the original story, which you can see in the BTS clip. I could seriously look at the concept art forever. And the cast?? I gotta say, I didn’t know how these complex character arcs were going to happen in film format, where we can’t just jump inside Paul Atredis’s brain. BUT NO. THESE WILD EMOTIONAL JOURNIES WERE COMPREHENSIVE AND COMPELLING. I’M SORRY I’M IN ALL CAPS BUT TIMOTHEE CHALAMET GOT UNDER MY SKIN, ALL RIGHT??

Check out this BTS to catch a glimpse into the movie magic. I wouldn’t call them spoilers, but I’m glad I waited to see the film before watching this. And it does really add a thick layer of appreciation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on Hans Zimmer’s score and stare out a window in awe. I’ve got much to think about (Zendaya’s piercing gaze).

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