Ya’ll Seen Beeple’s Human one Auction?

Ya’ll Seen Beeple’s Human one Auction?

I’m not going to lie. I thought the whole point of NFTs was so we could skip in-person shit. I can already order food online instead of having to call? WHY ARE WE MOVING BACKWARDS PEOPLE?? WE’VE ALMOST PERFECTED THE ART OF NEVER SPEAKING TO ANOTHER HUMAN AGAIN.

Speaking of humans (nailed that transition), Beeple’s “Human one” sold for $28.9 million last November. You may know Beeple as the creator of “Everydays,” which was the first NFT to sell at a major auction house. And it sold for $69 million. Which normally is a very silly number to me but I can’t even enjoy it right now because I’m caught up on this more recent auction.

Human one is a hybrid digital and physical piece of art. The tangible object is a 7 foot sculpture with four screens which Beeple can change at any time. When the buyer snagged this sculpture, they also received the NFT.

I was (mostly) joking about the moving backwards comment, but watching this video did blur the lines between showroom and blockchain. It seems that the physical object is “fed” by the data pool of digital content, giving opportunity for the piece to evolve with time. Kind of like my screensaver!

In reality (what even is “real” anymore), this is an exciting new addition to the ever-changing NFT conversation. So don’t miss out on this historical video in which someone buys something at an auction that they get to take home.

Check out the amazing artist whose artwork is in this article (as well as this absolutely awesome alliteration 😉 )

Eren Arik, Freelance Concept Artist/Illustrator

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