Sony Releases PlayStation VR2 Headset’s Design

Sony Releases PlayStation VR2 Headset’s Design

February 22, Sony released the design for its PlayStation VR2 headset! Just like 2022’s Ice Skating Olympians, it’s younger, lighter, and sleeker than its predecessor (though it’s not facing doping allegations). Also! VR2!! On 2/22/22! I just got that. Nice.

Freelance 3D Artist Vadim Yurinov.

The new design includes a lens adjustment dial, a slight reduction in weight, and a new vent design. Can we talk about the ventilation system too? Sony added that because players get too sweaty and cause the lens to fog up!! What a wonderful consideration for our gross human bodies!

To give its next-gen VR headset some edge, Sony already announced one game being made for the system: Horizon Call of the Mountain.

There is currently no information on the release date or price, so sit tight and try not to sweat on your current headset too much.

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